Submit Your Story

Do you believe you are a victim of wage theft? How about other employer-sanctioned abuses or violations, including workplace safety issues?

This is an opportunity to submit your own personal story and the story of others (or both) in an effort to catalog these experiences and to focus on developing strategies of engagement for workers who have been exploited in one way or the other. Submitting your story will also serve as powerful ammunition for important, fundamental changes in the legal system and how it responds to these disturbing trends. Unfortunately, incidents of wage theft and other abuses are increasing exponentially across the country, especially during the recent economic crisis.

What is Wage Theft?

  • The illegal practice of not paying workers for some or all work completed
  • Employees paid less than minimum wage ($7.79/hour in Florida)
  • Employees not paid time and a half for overtime (OT)
  • Workers being forced to work "off the clock" or "under the table"
  • Issuance of paychecks that bounce or debit cards as compensation for work completed
  • Denial of legally required rest and meal breaks
  • Skimming of workers' tips
  • Not paying workers at all
  • Being hired as an independent contractor when one should have been considered an employee

    In your stories, we would like to know as many details as you feel comfortable sharing. Remember, the more details, the better!


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