Labor in the Pulpit/On the Bimah/ In the Minbar & Faith Resources

On Labor Day weekend, religious congregations across the country will host labor speakers to reflect on faith, work, justice, and the meaning of Labor day. The Labor in the Pulpits program has served as a catalyst for closer cooperation between religion and labor in many cities and serves as a concrete step to establish ongoing relationships by those in labor movement and the local religious community. In South Florida, SFIWJ invites congregations to participate in this event, celebrating workers and their contributions to our community during the entire month of September. This year, we are inviting congregations to envision and discuss what "building a just economy" means in our community. A congregation can participate by dedicating a worship service to an issue of workers' rights; inviting a worker to share their stories with congregants; or, committing to engage in any other ways that would help congregation discuss "building a just economy" means to them. Following are some of the materials used for the event. 

If you would like to host Labor in the Pulpits/ on the Bimah/ in the Minbar in your congregation, please fill out the following survey here and contact us at for more details.